Prayers of the People: June 2024

Jun 2, 2024


We thank you for the warming of our days, and the rain to feed our plants. We thank you for the season of sunshine that is coming upon us. But while the earth is gaining life, we want to pray for those who are losing theirs. We pray to you, Lord, to aid those suffering in conflict. We ask that you would extend your hand to any who need it in such a hard time. More so, we wish for the strength to see others how you do. We pray that everyone on the earth can look past their differences to honor your blossoming creation.


Lord, we all have challenges that we are currently facing, and challenges that are yet to come. It can be nearly impossible to see the world through another person's lens rather than our own. Give us patience and empathy that we may walk humbly with one another as your children, while showing the same love and mercy that has been shown to us. Keep us on the path that leads to your grace and abounding kindness. We pray for the strength to persevere through the trials we are now facing and will face in the future. May you open our eyes to see the bigger picture, and guide us with your hands according to your will.


Dear God, as the season changes into summer and some of us take our vacations from the driving day-in day-out rhythm that defines our lives, I pray for an expanding of our perspectives. It is often easy for us to sit back in the comfort of summer and push away all dark corners of our broken world, and simply embrace the select positives. I pray you let us not be in ignorance of the brokenness, but that we would embrace it. Not so that it will interrupt our happiness, but so that it will sow compassion for those who have no opportunity to take the time to enjoy their lives, whether it be due to war, poverty, illness, trauma, loneliness or loss. I pray that you provide this compassion with a backbone of responsibility, so that we may be active in their lives as well. In all this I pray that when we look at the world we don't see broken forces in action, but see the human movement of love in your word.

Prayers written and read by Awaken Confirmation Students:

- Maria Heim

- Zane Miles

- Levi Berry

“Prayers of the People” music by The Brilliance

© 2015 Brownie Hawkeye Music; Integrity's Praise!

Music; Evan Wickham Music; Remaining portion is unaffiliated

Performed by Halle Hanson