Prayers of the People: February 2024

Feb 4, 2024


Last week Micah spoke of love, the complexities in trying to put a firm definition around this thing called love as well as the simplicity of it – God is love. Our prayers this week focus on the knowledge that love is real, in action, demonstrated in so many ways and we live in gratitude for this.


Most Heavenly Father, this world, brought into being by You, is not of Your kingdom today.

There is sin throughout the world. Hurts are experienced and lived by so many people. And our hearts bleed for those in these circumstances. Yet, we also know that your love is made real in so many ways. The natural wonders of the world, and the art that we are blessed by, are nearly infinite as we think about them, evidence of Your handiwork whether directly made by You or created through forces and blessings You unleased over time.

We have many throughout the world that seek justice whether through organizations like;

the International Justice Mission, seeking the freedom of individuals enslaved;


Amnesty International – working for a world where human rights are enjoyed universally; 

or Doctors Without Borders seeking to provide medical care to the people who need it most regardless of ethnicity, politics, or religion. 

We thank You for the abundant evidence of Your love throughout the world. We thank you for those who bring Your love to countless others throughout the world. May we not lose sight of the love that is so pervasive in so many ways throughout the world.

We pray in gratitude and love.


Most Heavenly Father, these same circumstances are present in our own community today.

Many seek to address the effects of these sins and to bring love and care for others so that healing may occur. Groups like:

Ain Dah Yung working to provide a healing place within the community for American Indian youth and families to thrive in safety and wholeness;

Walking with a Purpose who seek to provide basic necessities for those who do not have homes;

or Jonathon House, providing shelter and services to asylum seekers such that they are able to heal and to develop hope.

We lift up all of those engaged with and committed to these types of ministries; being Your hands and feet in our community. May we see and know that Your love that is being brought to the fore every day in our community.

We pray in gratitude and love.


Most Heavenly Father, your love is real and tangible, and yet mysterious as well. May each of us choose your love. May all aspects of our beings be influenced so that we are part of this thing called love. In being part of love may we speak with and of others with nothing less than full respect, may we care for others emotionally, physically, and spiritually. May we give freely of our time and resources seeking a world where Your love pervades so thoroughly that light dominates and darkness recedes.

May each of us listen to the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit such that we act in these ways each day and that we engage in a manner that best uses the gifts bestowed upon us, by You, to live fully and freely in the love You’ve graciously blessed us with. Thank You for this gift called love.

We pray in gratitude and love.

-read by John Maddio

-written by John Maddio

“Prayers of the People” music by The Brilliance

© 2015 Brownie Hawkeye Music; Integrity's Praise!

Music; Evan Wickham Music; Remaining portion is unaffiliated

Performed by Halle Hanson