Kate Peterson

INTERIM CHAIR - (she/her)
Kate is a Northwestern College graduate and is a part of the Worship/Music community at Awaken. She has valued the beauty, community and traditions of Awaken for over 12 years. She’s a full time mom to Francis, Wenonah and Casey and is married to Josh. They live in South Minneapolis. 
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Alyssa Paulson

VICE CHAIR - (she/her)
Alyssa has been at Awaken since 2015 and a partner since 2017. She helped draft Awaken’s statement regarding the affirmation of freedom in Christ in 2018.  She studied social work and has served people experiencing homelessness.  Alyssa is a bright light with a ton of experience serving people on the margins.  
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Claire Kaehr 

SECRETARY - (she/her)
Claire and her husband, Andy, have been attending Awaken since the Joke Joint days. They have three children, and feel deep gratitude to call Awaken their faith community family. Claire is a Marriage & Family Therapist by trade and is currently working with Indigenous American Indian populations as a clinical therapist. She has a deep passion for healing, harmony and the health of the staff and congregants at Awaken.
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Donna Albinson 

Donna has a wealth of experience that she brings to the table including; living overseas, being a missionary, working in non-profits and with refugees as well as raising a family with her husband Tom.  
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Danny Langseth 

TREASURER - (he/him)
Danny works for Target Corporation during the day. He currently leads the Global Supply Planning team. This, and the fact that he’s as sharp as a whip with numbers, ensures that he’s the right person to help us manage our finances at Awaken. He lives in St. Louis Park with his wife Morgan and two children, Jack & Nina.
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Art Morrow

Art started in legal publishing prior to serving executive and board roles with churches, missions, and nonprofits. The parents of two adult children, Art and his wife Deanna live in the south Metro. In 31 years of marriage, they have cared deeply about peoples who have lacked access to faith communities in their own cultures and languages, or who have been displaced as refugees or orphans. Art is a critical thinker with a passion for Jesus that is evident in his heart for prayer and his service as an Awaken Kids Community teacher.  
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Jenna Daniels

EXECUTIVE PASTOR  - maternity leave (she/her)
Jenna is a down-to-earth, life-giving person to be around. Jenna is in charge of staff & leadership development, manages systems, and oversees pastoral care. She is a gifted communicator and teacher and she also has some amazing dance moves. She's married to Jason and mother to Caden.
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Micah Witham

LEAD PASTOR - (he/him)
Micah is a teacher, theologian, story-teller and entrepreneur. He brings ideas to life and can often see something before it's realized. He enjoys anything competitive, wood working, fishing and mixing cocktails for his friends. He is married to Laura and father to Hadley, Dahlia and Ace.
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