What do we mean when we say missional?

We understand that everything that we do as a church is a derivative of the fact that God has sent us. We worship a sending God! One who sent Israel and then Jesus into the world. One that now sends His Spirit empowering His church, all for the purpose of the redemption of all things in Christ.  Below are a few of the initiatives that we as a community have said yes to that are not about us, but rather about saying “yes” to what God is doing in the world and bringing what we have in our hands to these efforts.  
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Ain Dah Yung

Meaning "Our Home" in Ojibwe, Ain Dah Yung Center provides a healing place within the community for American Indian youth and families to thrive in safety and wholeness.  They have been working in the Twin Cities for over 50 years and provide seven different services and programs from providing culturally responsive emergency shelter to indigenous youth in crisis and need of housing all the way to providing safe harbor services for survivors of exploitation and trafficking.  1% of all tithes and offerings go to support the work of Ain Dah Yung and to recognize the need for ongoing reparations including financial commitments.
Click Here to learn more about their work and upcoming community events.

Every Meal 

This is a program that exists for elementary aged students who experience food insecurity over the weekends.
Awaken's commitment is two-fold:
  • Financial - It costs about $130 per child to participate for a school year.
  • Volunteering - There are two options to volunteer: meal packing and meal distribution.  
    • Meal packing is done regularly throughout the month, with options during the day and in the evening. 
    • Meal distribution is dropping off the meals at the schools that partner with Every Meal. It takes 1-2 hours every Friday. 
Find more information on their website or reach out to our Every Meal Team Leader Tanya Kugel.

Creation Care - Awaken Garden 

Partnering with God in the renewal of all things opens our lives to becoming people who restore—people who restore our relationship with the land, people who restore the health of ecosystems, and people who restore community with each other.
We planted our community garden in 2018 as a way to support our neighborhood with fresh produce. All food harvested from the garden over the summer is donated to Walking With a Purpose.
If you have any questions or want to get involved, contact our Garden Team Leader Heather Crawford.

International Association For Refugees

 IAFR is an international Christian mission agency designed for ministry in humanitarian contexts.  They help people survive and recover from forced displacement.  By partnering with NGO’s and humanitarian agencies, IAFR helps meet the basic needs of shelter, water, food and basic medical care along with the healing of trauma caused by such events.  Not only is IAFR in the field on the front lines of this crisis, they help train and educate churches to be involved in the name of Jesus.  Awaken is a proud partner in this work through prayer and financial support.
Click here to learn more about their work. 

International Justice Mission

 International Justice Mission is a global organization committed to protecting the poor from violence in the developing world.  Awaken participates with IJM through advocacy, finance, and prayer.  
Learn more about how you can get involved with IJM.

Walking With a Purpose

 Walking With a Purpose seeks to serve the unhoused of St. Paul by literally going to where the people live and inviting them on to one of the two buses that are filled with clothes, snacks and all the essentials you might need if you found yourselves living outside.  Every Tuesday and Thursday groups of volunteers from all over the city head out and visit with our unhoused neighbors and we're excited that all of the food grown in the Awaken Garden will find its way to our friends.
Learn more about Walking With a Purpose