Kids Community at Awaken is a place where kids feel safe, respected, valued, and inspired. 
Our hope is to foster an environment where kids, families, and teachers are feeling connected and loved.
It's a community where we are all learning and wondering about our God
and the beauty and goodness that we see both in the Bible and in the now.
Kids are invited to ask questions, to wonder, to tell how they experience God and Jesus in their everyday life.
Ultimately, this community is based on the truth that we are made in the image of our creator.
We are made good, to do good, and to experience good.
Our kids at Awaken are just as important as the adults and we strive to make them feel that way!

Our next generation is MOST important!
We want our kids to feel empowered and ready to make a difference in our world.
Through their growing faith and strong community, our kids will learn what it means to live like Jesus.
They are seeing the passion, beauty, and authenticity of Awaken's community at large
and being encouraged to live out the beauty that God intended for this world.


At Awaken our goal is to build community by fostering relationships not only between the kids
but also with the teachers, helpers, and between kids in each area of Kids Community.
Kids ages 4 years old-5th grade start upstairs with their parents/guardians, in the gathering, for the first 10 minutes or so of the service.
They will release them to their teachers after the Kids Blessing and parents can pick them up downstairs after the gathering is over.
2-3 year olds can be dropped off in their classroom before the gathering starts or anytime during the gathering.
On Sunday mornings, our Elementary Kids Community time includes large group and small group teaching and conversations lead by Kids staff and teachers.
During large group we engage in worship through music and prayer and introduce our theme and main focus for the lesson.
Our small group time creates a space where kids can feel comfortable to ask questions, share about life,
and get to know each other and their teacher on a more intimate level.
We believe community is such an integral part to creating a kids program where each child's faith is deep, real, and growing.
Once a month, we bring the kids (4 years old and up) upstairs during communion.
They are given a stick dipped in honey and given a blessing. Children are welcome to pass on the honey if they so choose.
You are welcome to have your child participate in taking the communion with the adults whenever they are with you in the gathering.  
If you want to know more about what is going on in Kids Community, you can sign up to receive our parent email here 



We ask that all of our families register before coming on Sunday morning. This helps us prepare for your arrival each week! You can register here.


When you arrive on Sunday morning, check in downstairs at the Kids Check-in/Welcome booth. Our staff will help you use our iPads to check in your children and print off a series of three tags (two nametags and one smaller number tag). One nametag goes on your child, one nametag goes with the child to give to the teacher. The smaller number tag is what you will use at each room to pick up your children. The number will match the numbers on your child’s nametag. If you only have a Nursery age child, you can check-in and print tags in the Nursery. 


When picking up, please be prepared to show the teacher(s) the smaller number tag so they can match it to your child. 


Director of Kids Community

If you have any questions about Kids Community email Sara