They are responsible for the day to day and week-to-week happenings at Awaken.
They meet monthly to pray, discern, plan, create, and carry out the vision of Awaken.
Core Team is made up of Awaken Staff and volunteers that lead the ministry teams that make Awaken what it is.
If you're interested in getting involved, reach out for more information.

Heather Crawford 

Practical Care - (she/her)

Heather is an incredibly gifted and compassionate person who helps to coordinate all of our Care at Awaken. If there's a baby born, or someone in the hospital she's the person to contact. She has an amazing group of people who volunteer to make and deliver meals. She is married to Dustin and mother to Charlie.
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Katherine Scipioni 

Prayer Team  - (she/her)

Katherine deeply believes in the power of corporate and individual prayer. She leads a team committed to praying for and upholding the needs of our community. If you are someone who needs prayer (don’t we all) or would like to join the team, please reach out! In her free time you can find Katherine walking around Gold Medal Park with her dog Billy Bear, jamming to Prince.
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Chelsea & Ephraim Maduka 

Hospitality (she/her & he/him)

Chelsea and Ephraim have joined our Core Team and we’re THRILLED to have them.  They are heading up our hospitality team which makes sure there is coffee on Sunday mornings, and for “setting the table” at special events so that folks know they are loved and valued.
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Chris Behnen 

Awaken Storytelling - (he/him)

Chris joined the Core Team this year with the invitation to tell the stories of Awaken.  He's an incredibly talented videographer and storyteller. He loves the craft and the is a deep soul who enters the grit of life and emerges with beauty.  
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Mandy Taylor & Melody Olson

Events Team  - (she/her & she/her)

Mandy and Mel LOVE a party and reason to gather people together and so they are the perfect duo to head up our Events Team.  Whether it be our Fall Retreat, Adult Prom or our fall Trunk or Treat event, these two lead the charge to help make these days happen.
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