Practical Care Team Leader

Heather Crawford

Care is a vital part of healthy community.  We all experience times in life that remind us we cannot do it alone.  It is in these times that God often times shows up through people.  The people who drop off a meal, the people who sit with us in prayer, reminding us that we are seen by God and by a friend.  Awaken seeks to be the type of community that shows up for one another in tangible ways.


Our team comes alongside our community to help lift a bit of the stress/burden of practical needs while a person/family is amid a life transition (joy, grief, loss, illness/surgery, etc).  From the birth of a new baby to loss of a job or loved one to surgery, our team helps with: meals, cleaning, light yard/handy work (raking leaves, mowing lawn, shoveling snow…), moving. You can join one team or a few - whatever feels like the best fit to you. Heather emails the team when a need arises and provides information and a way to sign up for that specific need.


No need to be an avid cook or to love cleaning. If you do, that’s great! But also, a take out meal delivered or a helping hand with some simple chores are incredible gifts amidst a hard season. Needs are not always known ahead of time, and we understand that every person will not be able to respond to every request. What is most important is to know that team members are committed to responding to the requests that they can as they come up. This enables us to be able to confidently extend care to our community in the times they need it most.

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