Documents re: suspension

1.  Suspension Letter - This is the original suspension letter that Micah received from the ECC on Oct 22nd. 

2.  Suspension Response - This is the response that Micah wrote and the PATeam signed.  

This was presented by Micah on Tuesday Oct 31st.

3.  Congregational Meeting - This is the prepared statement Micah read at the Congregational Mtg on Nov 12th.


1. Full Suspension / Oct 22nd - Nov 26th

Full and total suspension from any and all ministry inside of and outside of Awaken.  Micah will be preaching again on December 3rd for the beginning of the Advent season. 

2. Probationary Suspension / Nov 27th - Date TBD by Board of Ordered Ministry when Micah meets with them Jan 20th.

Micah is allowed to Pastor at Awaken and nothing more.  This means he is still suspended from any of the denominational leadership or teams that he was involved in (e.g. Church Planter Cohort for Northwest Conference, any Church Plant Trainings or Assessment Centers). 

3. Release from all Suspensions / TBD

Micah will meet the Board of Ordered Ministry in January and will be given a date when the Probationary Suspension ends.  After which there will no longer be restrictions on his engagement with the ECC or the NWC.