gathering time & location

We meet on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. & 11 a.m. at

506 View Street, Saint Paul, MN

* Kids Community (nursery - 5th grade) offered at both hours

  • ancient & modern

    We meet in a Catholic cathedral that was built in 1938 and so there is an honoring of the tradition and history that is long and deep with Christianity, but we've made some updates to the building and have tried to marry the old with a sense of new and fresh.  We think our space is inviting for both the first timer and the person who grew up in the church.

  • the bible

    Every week at Awaken we take a portion of our gathering and devote it to the Scriptures.  We trust that God is still using it to reveal who God is to us and so we study it.  We want to understand what it meant to those who heard it first, which is the work of interpretation, and also what it means to us today, which is the work of listening. 

  • art & music

    We've worked really hard to create a culture that values art & beauty and in doing so we've attracted some amazing artists and musicians.  We think that God is honored when we create beautiful things.  About every other month we highlight one of our artists as the "Artist in Residence".  They work with our creative team to bring what they do to the gathering as one more way of experiencing God in worship.  

  • Casual

    There's no dress code at Awaken.  If you want to wear a tie, wear a tie.  If you want to wear a t-shirt, go for it.  There is no air conditioning in the sanctuary so keep that in mind during the summer, flip flops might be a good idea.

  • kids

    We've worked hard to create a space and a worship experience that is age appropriate for our kids.  Each week K-6 kids are invited to start the morning in the main gathering where after a few songs we sing a blessing over them and invite them to their time of worship downstairs.  

    We have a beautiful nursery and classes for Preschool, K-1, 2-3, and 4-5 graders.  

    Older students (6-12th grade) are invited to worship in the main sanctuary and to participate in our student ministries program. 


506 View Street, Saint Paul

Once you navigate your way to the church, you should know that we have a large parking lot in the back that we encourage you to use.  If that's full, there is street parking. 

Please be aware of our neighbors

and also the street parking restrictions in Saint Paul.


Please park 5 ft from a driveway and 30 ft from a stop sign.