We understand that everything that we do as a church is a derivative of the fact that God has sent us. 

We worship a sending God! One who sent Israel and then Jesus into the world. 

One that now sends His Spirit empowering His church, all for the purpose of the redemption of all things in Christ. 

The Church is the response of God's invitation to be involved in the work of God in the world.  For this reason we go.

We go to our families, neighbors and neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and around the world with good news.  

The good news that God is making all things new in Christ.

Below are a few of the specific things we are involved in currently.


Sheridan's Story exists for kids in school who experience food insecurity over the weekends.  Sheridan's Story is a weekend food program that community sponsors can initiate in local schools.  Awaken has partnered with Linwood-Monroe and Garlough Elementary to implement this program.  Our commitment it two-fold:

  • Financial: It costs about $130 per child to participate for a school year.  
  • Distribution: On Friday's we have a team of people that distribute the bags of food sent home with participating families in lockers.  

Joseph's Coat is a free store and community support organization for low income people.  They are always looking for travel size hygiene products (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.).  Awaken collects and distributes these items to Joseph's Coat.

Women's Sober House

This fall Awaken has the opportunity to participate in resourcing a sober house that will be starting just a few blocks away.  This opportunity arose through Justin & Bridget Barisonek whose story made us feel like this was the perfect thing to join.  If you are interested in more information on how to participate contact Bridget or Justin.

Questions?  Contact Jenna


Awaken has recently partnered with Church of Moca CMA in the Dominican Republic.  Pastor Julio Cesar Perez and his family have been planted in Moca for the last 7 years with a dream of equipping and empowering people.  We hope to take our second trip March 10-16, 2018.  An informational meeting will be held November 5.  Stay tuned for more details!

International Justice Mission is a global organization committed to protecting the poor from violence in the developing world.  Awaken participates with IJM through advocacy, finance, and prayer.  Learn more about how you can get involved with IJM.

Questions?  Contact Jenna