kids community

"Young children are integral members of the family of God. When we keep them safe, treat them with respect, meet their needs and value them as made in the image of their Creator, we are communicating to them on a very deep level that God is trustworthy, beautiful and good”.

Kids’ Community is about adults at Awaken modeling Jesus to our kids. We background check and train all our volunteers in order to be a blessing to both parents and children.

Kids age 0-2 (Nursery) is offered at 9:30 & 11

Kids age 3-8 (Kids’ Space) is offered at 9:30 & 11

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nursery / 9:30 & 11

Nursery (age 0-2)

Nursery is provided for families desiring quality care for their infants and up to age two. When children experience safe, kind, engaging adults, they interpret that God is safe, kind and engaging. Nursery volunteers will pray for, read to, play with & love on your babies.

What to expect

You are welcome to bring babies into the gathering but if you prefer, there are caregivers available waiting for you in the nursery, where you can drop off your child and diaper bag.

You will be assigned a number that you will present when you come to pick up your child at the end of the gathering to maintain your child’s safety.

kids community

Kids’ Community Classes are Preschool, Kinder & 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 4th - 5th

Kids will experience singing, games, stories from scripture, a chance to respond to the story, art activities, & relational time w/ our adults.

What to expect:

Preschoolers can be checked in before the gathering begins.  

Parents, you are invited to bring your K-5 children with you into the main Sanctuary. After a brief time of worship, the community will sing a blessing over the children as they are invited to Kids Community which happens downstairs.  Children are always welcome to stay with you in the gathering but if they choose to go to Kids Community and you are new, please join your child for the first day to check in . After the gathering you are invited to pick up your children at their classroom.