care at awaken

Care is a vital part of healthy community.  We all experience times in life that remind us we cannot do it alone.  It is in these times that God often times shows up through people.  The people who drop off a meal, the people who sit with us in prayer, reminding us that we are seen by God and by a friend.  Awaken seeks to be the type of community that shows up for one another in tangible ways.

  • Prayer

    Prayer cultivates relationship with God, forms us in God's image, and invites the Kingdom to be manifested in the world, our community, and our lives.  Awaken seeks to be a people of prayer.  We have a prayer team who is honored to walk with you in whatever you may bring.

    Prayer Request

    Want to serve on this team? Contact Joan

  • care team

    The care team provides practical forms of care for those who are experiencing significant life events such as a new baby, the loss of a loved one, illness or hospitalization, the loss of a job, or any other event that might welcome extra care. Care from this team includes: meal delivery, drivers for errands or appointments, handy jobs/yard work, and cleaning/housework.

    Have a need? Contact Heather

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  • financial care

    Money can be a powerful thing.  If you are wanting to grow and learn more in this area of life there are options and resources for financial support.

    • One-on-One Financial Coaching
    • Freed Up Financial Living Classes offered periodically
    • Benevolence Fund
    For information contact Jenna
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  • Emotional & spiritual care resources

    Sometimes we experience things in life that need extra support.  Help is always available.  Whether you're looking for a counselor, help with addiction, or anything else we want you to have support.

    For a list of resources click here

    For help navigating or if what is offered does not address what you’re looking for contact Jenna

  • pastoral care team - coming spring 2018

    Everyone experiences difficulties and could benefit from a caring companion to journey alongside them who will listen, show empathy, and provide a safe place to be honest about the tough issues in our lives.


    At Awaken, we have a team of pastoral care members that provide a confidential, nonjudgmental, listening presence. Team members are trained in active listening, and will meet one-on-one with anyone requesting care for concerns such as cancer, divorce, abuse, loss of a loved one, job loss/career change, parenting challenges, depression, new baby, and other things.

    Questions? Contact Jenna