So much of what we do on Sundays at Awaken is driven by the amazing volunteers who call this place home.  From our lighting and sound system, to the coffee and tea that's available, to the people who teach and care for our little ones in our Kids Community.  Below are many of the ways that someone might get involved in our weekly worship gatherings and helping to make them happen. 

  • kids community & nursery

    We think kids are pretty awesome. If you love kids and want to help them learn what it means to follow Jesus, consider serving in the nursery or our kids' community.

    Here are a few serving roles in the kids space:

    team leader (ages 3-8)

    team member (ages 3-8)

    nursery worker (birth-2)

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  • hospitality

    There is something intangibly reassuring about feeling welcomed into someone's house. The Hospitality Team is a group of people who love to set the table so that any and all who come on a Sunday feel welcomed and loved. 

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  • Prayer & care

    The Prayer & Care Team is a group of people who love to meet needs and care for the community at Awaken.  They do so through physical and practical ways as well as praying for the needs at Awaken and being available for prayer on Sundays during the gathering.  There are a number of ways to be involved  so if any of the list below apply, sign up and we'll contact you. 

    Prayer, hospital visits, making or delivering meals for those that need them, handyman services, marriage mentoring, financial coaching.  

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  • music

    Part of the story of the church is the music that has come from it.  Music is a language that we all understand and it's something that brings us together.  We love to sing when we're together so if you'd like to help we'd love to get together.

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  • tech

    On the tech team, you will find a group of people with one common purpose: making stuff look and sound awesome without drawing attention to themselves. If you want to find out what makes Sunday morning gatherings possible, join the tech team. No experience required! We'll train you on everything you need to know from sound, to lights, to running the computer for slides.

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  • welcome

    We call it the Discover Awaken booth.  It's a rolling cart/booth near the main doors where anyone with questions about Awaken is directed.  The Welcome Team does just what it says; they welcome new people to Awaken and help them find what they need.  

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  • critical services

    This team helps to make the building ready for Sundays.  We like to "set the table" on Sundays for people to experience God and we also think that clean bathrooms and carpet that's vacuumed is a really important part of that.  This may be one of the most important things that we do in a week and we need your help to make it happen.  

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  • events

    From game nights to tailgating to the fall retreat, we have lots of things going on at Awaken for people to connect to one another.  If you like to plan events and help make them happen, the Event Team is in need of faithful people who know how to host an event.  

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  • students

    Most people make the most important decisions in their life regarding faith before the age of 18.  Join our team of people who are walking with and modeling what it means to follow Jesus.  Weekly gatherings, retreats, events, serving, small groups are all a part of what our students experience. 

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