Freed up

Freed-Up Financial Living is an outstanding tool, designed to help individuals at every stage of their lives live a healthier financial lifestyle.

Even more, it’s about finding the peace, joy, and freedom that come through following biblical financial principles.  Presented in an encouraging, grace-filled manner, Freed-Up’s goal is heart change and a more God-centered perspective on your resources, not just a change in financial behavior.

In the Freed-Up course, you’ll discover effective tools and develop skills that will help you live a healthier financial lifestyle. After completing the course, you’ll walk away with:

  • A clear understanding of biblical financial principles
  • Simple steps to apply those principles in day-to-day decision making
  • A personalized spending plan in your hand, knowledge in your head to implement it, and the motivation in your heart to follow through

When dealing with financial matters, most of us have a natural tendency to push away from the table and avoid engaging the issues.  This is true for those who are in the midst of significant financial challenges, as well as those who are financially secure.  Wherever you are, Freed-Up Financial Living offers you a clear, biblical understanding of money management that can bring about peace and joy in this critical area.

Freed-Up Financial Living is an opportunity for people from all sorts of financial contexts to come together, find hope and encouragement for the unique challenges that they face, and develop into more biblically-rooted, confident stewards of their resources, and live a healthier financial lifestyle.

The one-day workshop will be on January 22nd from 1:00pm to 5:00pm in the lower level (shortly after service).  The only cost associated with this workshop is $20 to cover the cost of the workbook (only one needed per couple).  Scholarships are available to cover the cost of the workbook.  Childcare can be arranged if you let us know ahead of time. Lunch and beverages will be provided.  About 1-2 hours of prework will be required before you attend.  One on one financial coaching is also available.  Questions? Contact Jenna.

Please sign up here by January 8th.