Awaken Core Team

They are responsible for the day to day and week to week happenings at Awaken. 

They meet monthly to pray, discern, plan, create, and carry out the vision of Awaken. 

Core Team members lead the ministry teams that make Awaken what it is. 

If you're interested in getting involved feel free to email any of them for more information

  • JOsh Peterson

    Josh loves people, and he has fantastic hair! He'll tell you he wishes he had more curl in his hair, but he has great hair. Josh's love of life and of people is infectous. Josh works with our connections team and also is our go to worship leader when John Mark is on tour.   

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  • Elaine Tymchak

    Elaine was born in Brazil and has traveled the world. She studied Community Development at Eastern University and has a huge heart for the Church making a difference in the world. She coordinates all of Awaken's efforts to serve locally and globally.

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  • rachel abele

    Rachel has the gift of juggling. At any given time she is balancing multiple commitments and adventures. And she does it with a smile. Her deep love for Awaken and her ability to see all the details means she helps keep the train on the track. Rachel leads our tech team including sound, lights, and the slides we see on Sundays.

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  • micaela vedder

    Micaela’s laugh is contagious and her first instinct is to extend open arms to anyone and everyone. She is intuitively thoughtful and places significant meaning in acts of service. She leads our Communications and Events team and has the great responsibility of keeping our congregation in the loop on what’s happening. She is also is the person to go to for tips on how to get things done!

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  • mandy taylor

    Mandy oversees our Kids Community which includes nursery through 5th grade.  She works with our team leaders in each of the classrooms to ensure our kids are loved and cared for by adults who are modeling what it looks like to follow Jesus.  

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  • jenna daniels

    Jenna is a down-to-earth, life-giving person to be around.  She is someone who models what it means to follow Jesus. Jenna leads our Connections Team, Care, and Mission.  Sunday morning volunteer teams and the Connections process at Awaken.

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  • chris kimpston

    Chris’ middle name is Awesome. He’s one of our interns from Bethel. He's also from Iowa so he's a friendly neighbor from the south. He’s a bright young guy with a love for the Bible and theology. He's also our house bass player, a former opera major and an aspiring pastor. Chris leads our Student Ministry efforts including 7-12th grade.

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  • Jane burg

    Jane develops leaders! She works to ensure people are getting connected to Awaken, supports and encourages our Life Group leaders and ensures that those leading at Awaken do so from a place of health and authenticity. 

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  • john mark nelson

    John Mark is an old soul. He tours and gigs and writes his own music and he leads our musicians at Awaken. He's a critical voice in crafting our Sunday experience and we're having fun watching him find his voice as a shepherd and leader. Also, who doesn't love a guy with two first names?

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  • micah witham

    Micah is a teacher, theologian, story-teller and entrepreneur. He brings ideas to life and he's a catalyst for change and vision at Awaken.  He's always asking the important question of "What if we did it this way?" or "Can you imagine Awaken doing this?" 

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  • james earley

    James is an intern working on his MDiv from Northwestern here in the cities.  He is overseeing Hospitality and our Critical Services Team which helps ready the building for our Sunday gatherings.  James is a former youth pastor so if you're looking for a crowd breaker he's probably your guy.

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