Pastoral Advisory Team

Most churches call these folks "elders".  They are nominated and affirmed by the Partners of Awaken each year at the annual meeting and serve as representatives of the congregation.  They help to shepherd and care for the spiritual health of our community and it's leaders.  They work to ensure that we are hearing the voice of God together and following the Spirit's leading with courage and clarity.

  • andy lehner


    Andy has a heart of gold. Rarely can you find a weekend where he isn't helping someone move or building something for someone. He's got a very sharp and analytical mind which we are grateful for.  Andy is married and has two children.

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  • brian parkinson


    Brian brings a unique and needed set of skills and passions to our Advisory Team.  Professionally, Brian has been in sales, management and now mortgage banking.  He has a very strategic mind and knows the right questions to ask to help us keep moving in the right direction.  He is married to Traci and they have 4 lovely children.  

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  • MOLLY morgan


    Molly is a sharp tack! She brings a wealth of knowledge and business experience to the team, along with the ability to ask the right questions and guide the conversation in a genuine and authentic way. Molly is married to Bruce.

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  • dane pedersen

    Dane is one of the most thoughtful and well read people at Awaken.  He quietly and faithfully serves on our hospitality team providing coffee on Sunday mornings and is often found reading Thomas Merton or something similar.  Our team is grateful to have his soft heart and discerning spirit.  Dane is married to Julia and they live in St. Paul.

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  • EVA Rodelius

    Eva brings a level precision and clarity to the conversations and decision making process that is crucial to our life as a church.  She's married to Luke and they are the proud owners of a dog they call "Taco". 

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  • sharon jerzyk

    Sharon is a school teacher during the day loves to travel.  Her parents were missionaries and so she spent much of her childhood in Africa.  She has been a part of a church plant in Washington before moving to MN.  She's married to Ken and they have two children.

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  • micah witham